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Dr. Linda Lee Tarver is an election integrity expert, national public and motivational speaker, author of two Christian books, a businesswoman, an organizational psychologist, and president of Tarver Consulting. She holds a doctorate in theology, and a second doctorate in the field of education. Dr. Tarver served the people of Michigan as director of Community Affairs and Election Integrity Liaison with the Michigan Department of State, and she is a former Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner. Linda Lee is a national conservative and fierce educational advocate. Dr. Tarver is a fellow of the parent leadership institute network (PLIN), a leader in urban community schools and scholarship, and part of the of the first participants of the parent network for schools of choice. Her children were educated and succeeded as a result of Republican-led schools of choice. 

Why run?


Linda Lee has been a proponent for quality education and equitable outcomes.  She will fight to hold everyone accountable for the lack of quality education in this state. Linda Lee knows Michigan’s high crime statistics directly correlate to poor education. 

There is much work to do as it relates to the damage being done to our children through critical race theory, revisionist liberal history, the lack of constitutional education and the lack of American Pride in our classrooms. Linda Lee sees the harm to children from mask and vaccine mandates, unisex bathrooms and locker rooms, promoting gender dysphoria, school budgets and appropriations not reaching the children, the soft bigotry of low expectations, the sad and pathetic reality of Detroit children suing for the right to read, and the issue that tipped the scales for Linda Lee’s run for Michigan SBE is the threat from Biden’s federal government poised to treat PARENTS as enemy combatants and terrorists!!

Issues & Action

Please JOIN me in securing successful education for all Michigan Children! ALL!

Holds a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D), a  Master of Science in Organizational Psychology (MS/IO Psych) and a Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

Thirty years of experience and achievement as a parent advocate and community activist for education.

Fellow of the parent leadership institute network (PLIN). Conducted research and prepared white paper on the consequences of unions on 9th grade math outcomes.

Leader in securing college access, readiness and scholarship since 2009. Advocate for all education paths: public, private, home, charter, alternative, skilled trades, apprenticeship, virtual, strong GED programs, advanced placement, dual enrollment, and work study.

Part of the first state participants of the parent network for schools of choice in Michigan. My children were educated and succeeded as a result of Republican-led schools of choice.

Unwavering in the fight for parental rights and parent partnership in education. Parents are Super Heroes not domestic terrorists!

Voice for healthy and safe schools but vehemently against mask and vaccine mandates.

Vocal proponent of securing schools from active shooters and arming teachers and school administrators to defend themselves and the children.

Strong advocate for transparency in education. Failing schools must be exposed and best practices that lead to demonstrated outcomes must be adopted. Parents need to know what their kids are being taught.

A committed Conservative Republican bent on ensuring ALL children in Michigan perform at or exceed the basics: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic!

Determined to investigate impact of Covid-19 school closing and slow reopening on truancy, lost educational instruction, special needs children, abuse and neglect, child suicides, drug use/abuse and overdose, and crime.

Demanding ALL schools ensure every child learns to read. Reading is fundamental and the science of reading is indisputable.

Eliminate Critical Race Theory in whatever form or name it is called. Instead, ensure all Michigan children are taught Constitutional history, the founding documents, and America First pride in their country.

Ultimately, I will tell the truth about the successes and failures of Michigan education and I will go to war against liberal indoctrination of our children!

My Endorsements

Cynthia and I are delighted and honored to endorse our dear friend Linda Lee Tarver for State Board of Education. Linda Lee is smart, has great common sense and realizes that parents must be in charge of children’s education. Schools need to be open and children must be back in school. Children must be able to read in the third grade. Linda Lee is determined, fired up and she is the leader we need on the State Board of Education

Bill & Cynthia Schuette

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